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Dollhouse tools; blades, clamps. hand-tools, knives, mitre boxes, tool sets, tweezers, hemostats, saws, screwdrivers, and more

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Miniature tools for dollhouse construction, blades, knives, xacto
Miniature tools for building your dollhouses or dollhouse furniture, plastic clamps to hold things in place
  Drill Bits
Drill Bits
Miniature tools for dollhouse construction. Drill bits for dremel drills, drill bit sets
Extra Hand Tools
Extra Hand Tools
Dollhouse miniature tools. Helping hands for holding things in place, vices, partpicker, deluxe extra hands. magnifer,
Miniature tools, knife, knives, retractable, all purpose cutter, easy cutter, etc
Miniature tools, tools for miniature, The Chopper, sanders, needle files, hobby awls, chucks, miniature vise sets, soldering irons
Mitre Boxes
Mitre Boxes
Miniature tools for dollhouse building, make that angle exact! Mitre box, mitre box, with saws
  Saws - Saw Blades
Saws & Saw Blades
Dollhouse miniature tools, saw blades, xacto blades, jeweler's saw, saws,
  Tool Sets
Tool Sets
Miniature tool sets. Complete sets, deluxe tool sets, hobby knife, hobby knives, woodcarving sets
Let your dollhouse swivel or turn. Great way to display you project!
  Tweezers - Hemostats
Tweezers & Hemostats
A Must for every dollhouse building tool inventory, tweezers, straight nose, bent-nose, hemostats, and more

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Dollhouse Muniature STRIPWOOD, 1/16 X 3/8

1/16 X 3/8 X 24 STRIPWOOD
SKU:  NE189
Price: $0.99

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Dollhouse Muniature CROWN/CORNICE

CROWN/CORNICE, 5/16 x 24
SKU:  NE948
Price: $2.63

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Dollhouse Muniature BASEBOARD, 1/2 X 24, 1/PC

BASEBOARD, 1/2 X 24, 1/PC
SKU:  CLA70298
Price: $2.42

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