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Dollhouse dining room furniture, dollhouse kitchen furniture, tables, chairs, stools, hutches, tea carts, Appliances, cabinets, kitchen furniture sets, stove, refrigerator, sink, microwave

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Dining Room Tables
Dollhouse dining room furniture, tables, pedestal, walnut, mahogany, round, oval, leaf-tables
Dollhouse dining room furniture sets; including arm chairs, side chairs, and upholstered dining room chairs
  Hutches - Tea Carts - etc.
Hutches, Tea Carts, etc.
Dollhouse Dining Room Hutches, Tea Carts, China Cabinets, Buffets, etc.
Dollhouse dining room furniture sets; including: walnut, mahogany, and painted dining room furniture

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Dollhouse miniature STRIPWOOD, 1/16 X 3/8

1/16 X 3/8 X 24 STRIPWOOD
SKU:  NE189
Price: $0.99

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Dollhouse miniature BASEBOARD, 1/2 X 24, 1/PC

BASEBOARD, 1/2 X 24, 1/PC
SKU:  CLA70298
Price: $2.42

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Dollhouse miniature CROWN/CORNICE

CROWN/CORNICE, 5/16 x 24
SKU:  NE948
Price: $2.63

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