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Often, when the idea for a scene is taking shape, a little inspiration may help it come together. Here, you’ll find furnishings and accessories that suggest a brilliant spring gardens, summer picnics; a serene, snowy winter scene; or the fun of crunchy, colorful leaves in Autumnl.

These accessories and furnishings are ideal for decorating a dollhouse, of course, but don’t forget about diorams, room boxed, or small projects that evoke memories of a special time. These are a great way to “start small” if you are new to miniature dollhouse items.

If you already have your container or room box, great! But if not, consider one our "Displays" to provide the structure. Or, miniaturists have used almost anything you can imagine as containers for scenes; teacups, shopping bags, tissue boxes and tin cans have all served as settings, not to mention bleach bottles, candy boxes, Christmas balls and (artificial) pumpkins!

Whatever the occasion, look to for those little details that help a seasonal scene become a treasured memory.

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Miniatures Relating to Spring
Miniatures Relating to Summer
Miniatures Relating to Autumn
Miniatures Relating to Winter

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Dollhouse miniature STRIPWOOD, 1/16 X 3/8

1/16 X 3/8 X 24 STRIPWOOD
SKU:  NE189
Price: $0.99

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Dollhouse miniature BASEBOARD, 1/2 X 24, 1/PC

BASEBOARD, 1/2 X 24, 1/PC
SKU:  CLA70298
Price: $2.42

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Dollhouse miniature CROWN/CORNICE

CROWN/CORNICE, 5/16 x 24
SKU:  NE948
Price: $2.63

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