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Measurements: Hall stand 6 5/8" H X 2 1/4" W X 1 5'8" D
Furniture Kit F-180 Hall Stand includes stain, hall stand with mirror, parasol, umbrella, cane, derby, straw hat, and newspaper

Tips for working with Chrysnbon Kits and accessories:

All Chrysnbon Kits are crafted from molded polystyrene.

  • They are easily assembled using any quality plastic cement. We recommend the Testors tube glue.
  • Finishes can be transformed using any water soluble paint or stain. Please note that some chemicals found in oil base paints or stains can melt the polystyrene. We suggest testing stains. Painter's Pallet Paints work great on all Chrysnbon products.
  • Use small brushes, such as Loew-Cornell Artist Brushes.
  • Use sharp X-acto knives. The blade is used to trim all flashing when preparing kits.
  • Use the Chrysnbon How To Books for more creative ideas. Chrysnbon Cut Ups, Chrysnbon Cut Ups II.

    This item is 1/12 scale, also referred to as one-inch scale (or 1" scale), means 1 inch = 1 foot
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