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Expertly crafted 1:12 scale furniture and complimenting accessories replicating antiques from full scale collections. Made in polystyrene for its flexibility, detail and affordability to everyone. The Chrysnbon line offers a wide array of furniture kits and accessories to use in every project and dollhouse.

You will be amazed at the intricate detail of these "True To Scale" 1" miniatures!

All Chrysnbon Kits are crafted from molded polystyrene.

  • They are easily assembled using any quality plastic cement. We recommend the Testors tube glue.
  • Finishes can be transformed using any water soluble paint or stain. Please note that some chemicals found in oil base paints or stains can melt the polystyrene. We suggest testing stains. Painter's Pallet Paints work great on all Chrysnbon products.
  • Use small brushes, such as Loew-Cornell Artist Brushes.
  • Use sharp X-acto knives. The blade is used to trim all flashing when preparing kits.
  • Use the Chrysnbon How To Books for more creative ideas. Chrysnbon Cut Ups, Chrysnbon Cut Ups II.

Gift & Group Project Ideas
  • "Ring In A New Year" with CB089 Bells.
  • Use CB079 Clock to have a great time.
  • Dust off your miniatures with CB137 Feather Duster.
  • Fill your CB Candy Dishes with small beads to look like candy.
  • Fill your CB2719 Teacup. Minute quantities of resin can be mixed in a small Dixie cup with little trouble and mess. Resins and Dyes work perfectly.
  • Use finger nail art decals to enhance CB2718 plates for a variety of holidays.

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Dollhouse miniature STRIPWOOD, 1/16 X 3/8

1/16 X 3/8 X 24 STRIPWOOD
SKU:  NE189
Price: $0.99

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Dollhouse miniature BASEBOARD, 1/2 X 24, 1/PC

BASEBOARD, 1/2 X 24, 1/PC
SKU:  CLA70298
Price: $2.42

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Dollhouse miniature CROWN/CORNICE

CROWN/CORNICE, 5/16 x 24
SKU:  NE948
Price: $2.63

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