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How To Wallpaper Your Dollhouse or Roombox

Wallpapering your dollhouse or roombox is actually very easy. Here are some helpful recommendations you may find useful.

What You Will Need:

  • Dollhouse or Roombox
  • Wallpaper
  • Wallpaper paste.
  • X-acto Knife with #11 blades
  • Metal cork-backed ruler
  • 1" soft foam brush
  • Expired Credit Card
  • Soft slighty damp cloth

Wallpapering process:

  • Lightly sand or prime the walls of your dollhouse so that they are smooth.
  • Cut wallpaper to size using an x-acto knife with #11 blade and a metal cork-backed ruler. When using a wallpaper with a distinct pattern, be sure to match the pattern.
  • Apply wallpaper paste to paper using a soft foam brush. Make sure you get all parts of the paper - use straight even strokes.
  • Wipe your hands with a slightly damp cloth and then apply the paper to the wall. Start with the top left hand corner and smooth the paper into place with your hand or a soft rounded piece of plastic like an old credit card.
  • Press gently at first to get the paper into position
  • Smooth out wallpaper by applying pressure with an expired credit card. Work in one direction to get any air bubbles out.
  • Allow wallpaper to dry
  • Trim any door or window openings with a sharp x-acto knife.


    1. Buy one extra sheet of wallpaper even if you think you might not need it. Murphy's Law has a way of knowing mistakes happen when you have a limited amount of paper.

    2. If your wallpaper is not vinyl coated, then spray it first with a acrylic matte sealer. Look in your art supply store for the matte sealer artists use to seal pastels or chalks.

    3. The most common mistake people make is not getting even coverage of glue. Dry spots of paper make bubbles on the wall. Look at the paper at an angle and look for dull spots - those are the dry areas.

    4. Always use a sharp x-acto blade. It is better to go through x-acto blades than to ruin a nice piece of wallpaper.

    5. If you are concerned over covering electrical (adding wallpaper over tape wire will not effect your electrical system) or are nervouse about cutting the wallpaper wrong, cut posterboard to size first. Then wallpaper to the posterboard and glue the posterboard to the wall using Tacky glue.

    For More helpful TIPS - Click Here.

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